Uptown Psychotherapy Associates

We - Deborah Beckman & Tim Myrick - look for your strengths - the knowledge and abilities you already possess - that can be instrumental in reaching your personal goals.  This search and discovery establishes a proactive therapeutic relationship.

You have the opportunity to develop  coping skills and personal growth in an emotionally supportive and encouraging environment.

Uptown Psychotherapy Associates is a private practice established in 1996. 

This is a fee for service practice. Payment is due on the date of the appointment.  Insurance reimbursement is often available at the "out of network" level. A statement can be provided that contains all of the information your insurer needs to process a claim. The reimbursement check then goes to you. Check with your insurer about the specifics of your policy.

Deborah is currently participating on the following insurance provider panels:

Blue Cross Blue Shield  -  Scott & White  -  Aetna

We have an income-based sliding scale that provides fee-friendly services.

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The photos of Dallas and fireworks are from photos released to the public domain by various photographers and we thank them for sharing.

The sand art photos are of the winners of the RGIS Sand Castle Competition. The competition was held in Oregon on June 19, 2010. The photos went viral.

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We have developed the contents over many years of research and practice. We have revised and expanded the material for you here. Please consider the contents copyrighted and for your personal use only. 2011

Uptown Psychotherapy Associates is responsible for maintaining the ethical guidelines of practice as established by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors, and the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

We hope and believe that you will never need the following numbers. Even so, every therapy client should know that there are people to turn to if you need to lodge a formal complaint against your therapist:

The Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors: 1.800.942.5540

Uptown Psychotherapy Associates
4144 N Central  Suite 520
Dallas 75204
for an appointment call:214.824.2009

Deborah, and Tim offer a rare combination of skills from our extensive experience, not only in therapeutic training and practice, but also as professionals in the corporate world, to assist with the most pressing issues

of life.

In addition, Deborah has extensive training and experience with incorporating clinical hypnosis into your overall therapy.

At Uptown, you can choose from individual sessions, couples sessions, and group therapy.

We believe that the opportunity for a proactive response to challenges does not stop in the privacy of the counseling office. Corporate programs are available to facilitate awareness and growth in keeping with the specific goals of each business.


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